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The right tool is enormously important for every professional or hobby craftsman. But it is just as important that the tool is well tidied and stored. With a tool trolley, it is always at hand and fully where you want it.

What is a workshop trolley?

These carts are similar to a metal tool cabinet that runs on rollers. Inside there are numerous compartments or drawers. In the compartments, a wide variety of tools, such as wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers and much more can be neatly stored.

All tools always immediately at hand. The long search in a conventional tool box is eliminated. Since such a trolley runs on rollers, it can be moved anywhere in the workshop where tools are needed.

On the one hand, all the necessary tools are immediately available at the workstation, and on the other hand, it is much easier than fetching the required tools individually. In addition, there is always a place where tools can be put down when working.

Workshop trolley empty

An empty workshop trolley is particularly suitable if many tools are already available and these are to be stored tidily.

Workshop trolley empty

Equipped workshop trolley

Equipped workshop trolleys are available in many designs and tools.

Ideal for setting up a completely new workplace.

Workshop trolley equipped

Inserts for workshop trolleys

Empty workshop trolleys want to be filled. We present all 3 ways to fill the trolley.

Put together your own trolley in the best possible way!

Inserts for workshop trolley

How is a workshop trolley constructed?

There are numerous different designs of tool trolleys or workshop trolleys. In the simplest versions, there are several shelves at a certain distance above each other. These are usually equipped with different compartments so that various tools can be stored clearly.

The more elaborate versions are equipped with sturdy drawers. This provides a much better overview of the tools. Since the tools have a high weight, almost all drawers are equipped with smooth-running roller guides. It is important that the drawers have different sizes so that larger tools can be placed in them.

Some of these helpers are also lockable. This means that the expensive tools inside are well protected from unauthorized access. On the top of almost all workshop trolleys there is a sturdy shelf. Tools as well as spare parts or other materials can be stored on it.

Advantages at a glance

  • Create order in the workshop or garage
  • Tools tidy and safely stored
  • Tools within easy reach and quickly at hand
  • mobile workshop trolley keeps tools directly at the workplace

Possible applications

The possible uses for workshop trolleys are quite diverse. They are particularly suitable for carrying out repairs or maintenance work on vehicles and machines of all kinds. The tool trolley can be conveniently driven to the location to be repaired and all important tools are immediately available on site.

This means that the complete range is immediately available and there is no need to constantly run back and forth to fetch different tools that are needed. The immediate selection of a wide variety of tools is not something that even a toolbox can offer due to its smaller size. These are more advantageous for smaller repairs in constantly changing areas of application due to the flexibility and significantly lower weight.

Werkstattwagen in KFZ-Werkstatt

Example of a workshop car in a car workshop

The automotive trade is a prime example of tool trolleys. The trolleys are used in almost every common car repair shop. The vehicle is driven to the workshop and the mechanic responsible for it drives his workshop trolley directly to the place where repairs or service work is to be carried out.

By making tools available quickly, such a trolley also saves an enormous amount of time and can thus save a lot of money.

For this reason, almost every worker in a garage has his or her own workshop trolley. These are usually lockable, so that no one else can use the tools, which can quickly lead to missing and is very annoying. Because „running after“ the tools again costs valuable time, which could actually be used more sensibly.

Workshop trolley for do-it-yourselfers?

Whether you need such a trolley depends on many factors.

Probably the most important point is: What will it be used for?

Are you a car enthusiast who likes to tinker with a classic car or vehicles in general every free minute? Then a tool trolley is ideal and you will have a lot of fun with it.

In which price range the new then should lie depends primarily on your budget. Cheap equipped trolleys are available from about 350€* and are suitable for occasional mechanics.

On the other hand, if you spend a lot of time or every free minute assembling, screwing or tinkering, you should spend a little more. Because with the higher price usually also increases the quality of the supplied tool. Which in turn stands for durability and pays off in the long run.

The second important point is the space available in your garage, shed wherever you work. The trolley offers great mobility, safety, protection for tools and an optimal organization system that provides quick access to all tools, even in small spaces.

The third and no less important point is the question: equipped or empty workshop trolley?

This question can actually be answered quickly. If you already have a lot of tools and are fully satisfied with them, you can take an empty trolley and equip it with the existing pliers, screwdrivers, etc. yourself. Which is also of course the cheapest option. Those who wanted to buy new tools anyway should look for equipped tool trolleys and check their own quality requirements.

Buy workshop trolley: Tips

First of all, it is necessary to think about the purposes for which such a trolley is primarily needed. From this, it is then possible to determine which tools are needed for these purposes. After all, the necessary tools must all find their place.

Werkstattwagen in Autowerkstatt

In a car workshop, the workshop trolley is a must!

Many jobs also require larger tools, such as cordless screwdrivers or pneumatic tools. In such cases, the tool trolley should also have a somewhat larger storage compartment. Of course, there are also equipped workshop trolleys on offer. This is especially interesting for those who also want to purchase new tools.

It can happen that a large part of the supplied tools is not needed at all. It makes more sense to buy the tools separately to get exactly what is needed.

Of the tool manufacturers, we can highly recommend Knipex* and Hazet*. Both professionals and DIYers will certainly find the necessary tools!

The last point: attention should also be paid to the quality of the tools and the cart, of course. Now this is very difficult for a beginner who is just starting his screwdriver career. Since can also be directed as a help, according to the customer reviews on Amazon.

Important safety aspects

The issue of safety must also be taken into account with a tool trolley. After all, a fully loaded trolley can weigh over 100 kg.

Raeder des Werkstattwagen

Wheels of a workshop trolley. On the right with parking brake.

Due to this high weight, it is necessary to pay attention to a brake on the wheels. Not only one wheel, but at least 2 wheels should be equipped with a foot brake. This should also always be actuated when working to prevent unintentional rolling away.

Furthermore, the trolley should have a mutual lock for the drawers. This prevents several drawers from opening at once. Due to the enormous weight shift when pulling out the heavy drawers, the tool trolley can tip forward and cause not only damage but also injuries.

Accessories – for even more efficient work

The high-quality workshop trolleys in particular also have a number of useful accessories to offer.

This starts with a trash can and goes from a can holder to a drink holder and a holder for a paper roll. Some accessories can be very useful and save many additional ways, if they are already mounted on the object.

A trash can is certainly a very important detail here. Through the immediate disposal of small waste and material residues, the workplace remains clean and tidy.

Likewise, an anti-slip mat as a shelf on the workshop trolley does not always come from the manufacturer out of the box. An additional purchase including adaptation of recesses and shapes can be very helpful. Likewise, the drawers of empty models can be equipped with such mats.
Many suppliers of empty tool carts also offer pre-cut inserts. These also have the advantage over an anti-slip mat that the punched out tool is always stored in the same place in the cart and it is immediately noticeable if one is missing.

Alternatives to the expensive trolley

If a tool cart is too expensive for you, you should look for alternatives.


For a professional in the automotive workshops, there is no reasonable alternative. There, performance and effectiveness must be provided and this only works with a mobile, well-equipped workshop trolley.


However, there are already alternatives for do-it-yourselfers and private screwdrivers.

For example, a workbench in combination with a perforated wall for hanging various tools can almost completely replace a tool trolley. Only in the mobility must then be made cutbacks. But as a do-it-yourselfer, you’re not usually under so much stress and can sometimes put back a few meters to the workbench.

Another possibility would be a tool box*. This is also mobile and much cheaper. However, not all tools fit into such a case. Which in turn limits the selection of tools needed.

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